German has become one of the most favorite languages to be used in English books, alongside with French. Unfortunately, most times it has been misused. Because of that, we are offering free consultation on German in your book.

Germans are traditional readers. Many still prefer the printed book over the ebook, and they are most loyal fans. These are but two reasons why you should consider publishing your book in German: higher royalties and loyal fans. As native speakers, part of our team with writing and editing experience in German can offer you a translation using the tone you want.


FREE/ up to 250 words
  • Contextual translation.
  • Modern German
  • Editing
  • Examples


$ 0.5/ 250 words
  • proofreading your German
  • contextual editing
  • grammar
  • tense


$0.04/ word
  • contextual translation
  • proofreading
  • your choice of tone
  • modern language
  • slang

DarkSigyn publishing was founded 2014 to support an indie author's aspiration to publish an ebook and paperback to the American market. We brought our Knowledge and experience of the publishing business together and made her dream come true. With now three subbrands targeting specific sub-genres or the adult books, be now aim to Support more authors to get their books out there.