Editing is one of the core necessities of publishing.

Great books with amazing storylines have been ruined by poor editing uncountable times. Every experienced author knows that she cannot edit her own books and that there should always be at least a second pair reading through the manuscript. If you want your book to not be destroyed by reviews, at least, you have to make sure that it has been proofread several times. And that does not include beta-readers.

Beta’s are not your proofreaders. ..and neither are your ARC reviewers, and those are extremely important. You don’t want to disgruntle them by sending them a poorly written copy.
Betas make sure that your book has a positive reading experience, is comprehensible and – shortly put – makes sense. Still, they cannot replace a good editor, who can either point out weak contextual spelling errors, confusing sentence structures and improve your writing style and enhance your vocabulary.

An essential part of editing and mostly forgotten is the book formatting. There is a specific set of rules regarding paperback formatting. These standards guarantee a comfortable reading experience for your readers and indirectly make them perceive your book more positively. You might not want to pay money for it, but it is well spent.


$ 0.025/ word
  • 1 experienced proofreader
  • contextual spelling
  • punctuation
  • grammar
  • minimum charge: $5
  • 72 h notice


$ 0.06/ word
  • 2 experienced proofreaders
  • contextual spelling
  • punctuation
  • grammar
  • sentence structure
  • minimum charge: $10
  • 1 week notice


$0.01/ 250 words
  • reading quality enhancement
  • font size adjustment
  • font type adjustment
  • index creation/ adjustment
  • professional pagination
  • minimum charge: $5
  • 72 h notice
  • paperback only
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